B-Sides: No. 1

Time is blurry these days. Which day is today? Why should I get up? A very personal answer has been my sunrise project from 1st – 30th of April. Developed without purpose, a pure reaction on the emptiness that unfolded around us.

Besides that, the daily house concerts by Igor Levit help to smooth the rough phases we go through. Consequently, I dedicate the retrospective of my 30-in-30 sunups to this wonderful pianist, to the uncounted notes he plays, the sonic waves that touch the untouched, the emotion that lies within music. Thank you so much for it!


April 1st, 2020, 6.45 a.m. Focused on a Symbol of Peace and Upcoming Light

Catching Sunrise: Day by Day


It is not the isolation. I can be on my own for weeks and be totally fine with it. It is the stay-at-home-thing. The longer I am tied to my flat, the more my brain cells run in circles. Like a dog hunting its tail. During travelling, during hiking, whenever I am in motion towards something, my mind comes to a rest and the manner of thinking changes. I let loose, ignore single thoughts, let enfold pictures, scenarios, situations, entire worlds in my head. Calm down, mentally.

Given the Bavarian “Ausgangsbeschränkung”, a word far too typical and showing a threatening kind of beauty in restriction, I look for exits. How to exit depression? Leave the walls around, find motivation and sense. Leave behind the bureaucracy of unemployment forms, tax calculations and how-to-survive-business.


I choose colours and light and begin to run at sunrise. After a while, even the non-jogging-days are in scope for my personal sunup. Ever since, I set my alarm clock at 5:20 am, start with a coffee and jump off my couch as soon as the sky becomes splendid.

While the first 10 days of running against Corona are already posted, and realizing that days feel like ages this year, I call it a decade. Thanks to fantastic weather, here comes the 2nd decade of sunrise against virus: fighting the blues and flirting (sometimes) with the dissolving moon.


Enjoy! And remember to flatten the frustration curve.


April 01 = Corona Jogging #7


April 02


April 03 = Corona Jogging #8


April 04


April 05 = Corona Jogging #9


April 06


April 07 = Corona Jogging #10


April 08


April 09 = Corona Jogging #11

Bonus Track: Take me to the Moon (part 1):