The Tour 2022 (R): Sharing the Hippie Camp at Lizard Point

This journey is about sharing. Luckily, it turns out that Andy and me share the fascination for cliffs and impressive coastlines. With my camera being low on battery, we even share the pictures and, later on, drinks and dinner.

Sunset Colours

Most of all, we share the 11,2 m² of Hector. As a matter of fact, this works pretty well. Sorting out where to go, enjoying coffee and scrabble on the couch, preparing dinner or getting on the yoga mats for common exercises – all easy. Henry’s Hippie-like campsite enforces this spirit with its colourful style and all kinds of animals.

Henrys Camp Lizard Point
Henry’s Campsite, Lizard Point

Hector and the surf board fit in perfectly. I just wonder who smuggled in the business-style of the hard-shell case…

…when business elements appear on hippie ground…

Lizard Point is the furthest South you can go without leaving UK mainland. We use the sunny evening for a walk to the cliffs (what else).

Lizard Point: Anywhere further South you will get wet feet

With Hector’s spacious interior of 33,6 m³ (5,60m x 2m x 3m), even some drizzling rain does not prevent us from laundry service, work station and well-being on the lounge sofa.


After two days, we are well prepared for next destinations. Having seen a lot of nice Cornish landscape, we will look for some place of mystery and legends, some brand new architecture among ancient ruins and some more of Northern Cornwall. No need to run around like crazy sheep, though.

The fantastic part of van-travelling is that we will take all the comfort with us: the couch, the kitchen, the whole 2-bedroom-apartment. Only the exterior setting will change – we will see where we will end up the following evening…