Zandvoort 2019

Of course, I would go and meet Linda at any place. Still, it is even better since she lives in a charming apartment in Zandvoort. Hosted like this, I consider it my duty to bring sun and fun whenever I go see her.


First place to go on Saturday is the beach, what else. As I started recently to improve my handstand-skills, I spend almost all of my energy with the hands on sandy ground, exercising hard until I fall over from laughter.


Linda, sun and a beach is one of those combinations that never fail. We have a good time and she tolerates all my jumping-up-and-down, my trial-and-error and my look-this-was-a-good-one.

The day passes by easily with sunny hours at the sea, cycling through the dunes and productive conversations about common holidays. The evening comes with nice dinner and a George Michael Tribute concert in a neat little town.


If only I remembered the name of the town…

The concert is much better than I expected, supported once more by our lust for dancing. Imagine hundreds of people, all sitting well-behaved in their seats. Then bring the focus to the side, where two grown-up girls use the wide stairs for barefoot dance-moves all over.


Sunday even outperforms Saturday. Strong wind makes us rent a pair of sun loungers + wind shield, half way between the beach bar and the rough sea. Not that I lay down for long – working on handstands and body tension is just too tempting when put in such a wide sandbox.


The evening perfectly suits our talents: A beach party offers fun and house music from the afternoon until late night. Relaxed atmosphere and people of all ages (except for twenty-something-youngsters) lead to a wonderful evening.


Not only that best company (Linda + dancing friends) welcomes me at the beach; out of the blue I spot folks that work on simple, yet nice-looking acrobatic partner moves. It is no surprise that within instances I join them, followed by Linda and her friend.


Once more: Playing the sandbox!


The rest of the day is dancing, laughing and dancing. During the evening, I stop for a moment and reflect the Then, the Now and the Upcoming: By then, just a week ago, I have been hiking in the Alps, with Hector and Jack, terrific skies full of stars and typical Bavarian rural scenes. Now I am here in the Netherlands for friends and barefoot dancing. Upcoming in another week will be the Oktoberfest with typical dresses, drinks and its own, special vibe. Having all this compressed into a mere 20 days is like stepping from one world into another supported by futuristic technology. I shake off the thoughts and continue dancing – here and now and (probably) forever.


Dance! they say

Before I fly back, we use the rainy Monday morning for a trip to Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. It is only in front of the building that Linda recognizes what I have been aiming for – my Dutch pronunciation is that bad that she only understood “museum” while the name of it remained cryptic. Once there, we find beauty and pop art and contemporary art and message-art, all settled in the most charming building. If not for the people and the fun, the Netherlands would be worth a travel at least for arts and exhibitions.


Video Installation at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam



We enjoy last hours together until it is time to wave goodbye. It will take half a year until our next trip: See you soon – another day, another beach.


A Summer Weekend at Zandvoort


Travelling the world is a severe duty that may be exhausting, but I am willing to take the load on my shoulders without complaints. Even before the Sweden summary is ready for posting, Hector stays behind (sulking for days) and I am up in the air on my way to Shiphol airport.


Beach Weekend!

Linda picks me up and just shortly after our great hellos we arrive at her place. She lives in the most inviting apartment I have ever seen so close to a beach – and, as if known it all along, I smuggled in the sun for our long-planned weekend.


The evening is full of talking and laughing, including a beach restaurant with outside terrace and an open fireplace. For Saturday, she made up some ideas and time will tell that we are able to even over-fulfil all of our plans.


Waking up in Foreign Neighbourhood

I wake up and watch the sunrise play colourful with the fog in the dunes, all laying at our feet in front of Linda’s large windows. First thing on our list is a yoga class where I follow Dutch instructions to all kinds of dog and warrior poses. After lingering through the heart of Zandvoort on our way back, we settle down on the balcony for lunch. In the afternoon, we take the bicycles into the dunes and look out for deer and funny dressed people, catching both.


Beach Girls at their Best

We run down the sandy hill of our lookout with loud laughter and ride back home, meeting Else from Belgium for international dinner. The plans for the night are unbeatable: Mantra singing and barefoot dancing at the Spirit Dance party in Haarlem. I love to set my regular life aside for a while and try out different actions, especially when it is about dancing.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

Thus, I am best in Linda’s company, proved once more tonight with all the fun of barefoot dancing in a crowd-funded and renovated historical building from former industrial eras.


After three hours dancing, jumping and playing, a cute guy says his goodbye to me with the most unexpected sentence: “Take care when farting with the cushions and pillows.” Äh…?! Here is what happens when loud music and unused accents come together: most probably he commented on the shared girl’s bed and referred to the men-like dream of women fighting with cushions and pillows. I am not sure if my reaction to this would have been better than the puzzled look I gave him, but nice to know that his original topic was of a more positive way than what I first heard.


My beach! What do you mean with “Share it with others…”?

After Saturday’s action, Sunday is immaculate for second breakfast in one of the beach cafés. Minute by minute the sun gets stronger and not long after the third coffee we lay down in the sand. Such cheerful weather by end of September is just perfect for a weekend at the sea and before lunch we dive into the refreshing water.


Sitting in the plane at night, I still feel sand between my toes and a wide smile on my face. All the heavy duty of a traveller’s life may be exhausting, but it definitely is worth every minute of this precious summer weekend – especially when sharing it with such a good friend.