Sweden (5): From the Outback back to Civilization


I wake up and feel great: my first night out in the middle of nowhere, all on my own and sure enough it was no problem at all. Nevertheless, I am proud: you have to get over your weaker self from time to time and prove that you are still young, still hungry, still alive.


Endless Forests in Southern Sweden

The lake lies there, all deserted. Not even an elk has come by, although I starred at the trees for at least fifteen minutes. After double coffee I give up and leave my private all-mine-camp site. We have things to do and places to go.



Today I will meet friends with family at the Ringsjö lake. On the way I stop by and take a look at the castle Bosjökloster with parks and exhibitions. The photography exhibition presents fantastic pictures of Sweden’s fauna while the rest consists of a broad collection of the owner’s family oil paintings, old nun clothing and probably some handicraft/art (impossible to tell). It is a nice interruption of my travel routine and I enjoy coffee in the park’s café.


You get used to Swedish Coffee. Time after Time

Around noon I arrive at the Ringsjöstrand camping. Although I savor the fantastic showers, it is a distinct contrast to the previous night. I choose 2 pitches in front of the lake, take a bath and take care of Hector’s energy / water / toilet equipment and wait for the rest of the gang.


In the evening I meet a friend and her entire family and we share a diverting evening together.


The next day we part. The high-five-family moves Eastern while I head off to Northern regions. After loosing an hour in Falkenberg (un-inviting parking pitch, over-regulated square camping) I continue until I find a wonderful parking at the beach of Frillesås. For 100,- SEK per night Hector is invited to stare at the sea for endless hours.



I end up with pretty nice campers from the mobile next door with wine, wind and a wonderful sunset. Despite the wine I am up for jogging early the next morning with a bath in the fresh sea substituting the shower.


Once more I spent the night without service and I slightly remark the tendency to escape the regular peer group of super-organized camp sites. The off-service parking pitches are much more relaxed and most of the time they offer much better views than hedge fenced campings could ever do.


P.S.: The wild camping experience was great. I have to admit that I slept a bit more restive than I usually do, but it was okay and I would do it all over again. The Swedish “Allemansrätt” should be extended worldwide!


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