Sweden (4): Found


One of the few things I had planned for my Sweden holiday was: stay at least one night in pure nature, just wild and free. Now, after the Hällevik Jazz Festival with music and dancing and all the fun, I feel the need for some tranquillity. First try goes to Bolmen where I end up on a little camp site. Yes, it is calm, but still it is a camp site next to a small harbour.



On Monday I start fresh like the cold morning, motivated by sunny jogging routine and a chat with Thomas from Berlin. He stays with his family in a house that is almost, but not entirely off-the-lake and sympathizes with the idea of a flexible camper van. Let’s give him a good reason for it.


Hector goes into the wild

My map indicates a “badplats” that is just a bit south of Torpa. First we reach a little beach accompanied by shady parking among the trees. Then I see that 350m down the dirt road is a landing place for small boats, coming along with a rusty barbecue, a round table and perfect space for Hector!


Found! Our Spot for the Night

We settle down and I spend a lazy day with a swim in the lake, barbecue and sunbathing. Once in a while tourists (and once: Swedish inhabitants & boat owners) pass by, but most of the time it is exactly what I was looking for: calm.


I enjoy grilled steaks, cold beer and good books. In fact, most of the time passes by with no action at all and that is what I came here for. I feel comfortable but wonder how this will develop around nightfall. Will I be a Sissy with nervous reaction on every natural sound (true for mosquito noise, by the way)? Or will I pass a wonderful night, all cosy inside my Super-Hector?


Inside Out

Tomorrow we will see…



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