Nepal, Day 3: Let’s Get it Started

“Liebe Gäst…” is our guide’s standard introduction whenever he explains his world  or tries to get the inert mass of us moving. After the stupendous culture of Bhaktapur, we will now take off for the trek, the main sensation of the Nepal journey. We leave the Sweet Home hotel and start our lesson about Nepali traffic.


Early Morning in Kathmandu

  1. If your horn is out of order, do not even think about starting your engine (also see: China, Italy).
  2. When your car exceeds the dimension of a smart, take care of spiritual shelter: paint Gods on it, trim it with all kinds of colourful and blinking materials and write blessings on the windscreen.
  3. Drive left. Mostly.


Passing by Kathmandu early in the morning, we do not fully appreciate the road’s quality. It is only with the experience of two more weeks that I may now look back and worship the smooth asphalt road, the peppy turns and the gorgeous views out of my window straight down into the ravine. For any unknown reason most of the pictures have been wiggly, though.


The next bus and the dirt road beneath will prove that Indian car technology is incredibly stable. We sign in at the check point of the Annapurna Conservation Area in the afternoon and soon after that we finally start walking.


We pass by a Chinese hydro station, leave a small waterfall on the right side and after 2,4 km I see our first lodge.


Holiday Trekker’s Lodge / Lamjung

What did I have in mind? Something further out in nature, without occasional busses or jeeps on the dirt road. A solid building rather than corrugated metal huts. Honestly, I had no idea of “lodges” and how they might look like, so the first night is my personal acclimatisation to this kind of travelling. With Sabine on my side and Fred (my sleeping bag) wrapped around my body I feel cosy and warm and am ready for the upcoming trek.


It even is decorated on the Inside

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