Preparing Nepal: Another Winter Exercise

Does it Look Stormy?

Weather conditions are tricky today, but Barbara, secretly known as Supergirl, brings best spirit with her and thus we go for another snowshoe-tour. The latent danger of avalanches as well as limited sight lead us to the well-known trekking path around the Rosskopf / Spitzingsee.

The path in the forest presents our surrounding as a perfect winter-wonderland. Further up with open landscape it becomes much more difficult and that is not only due to the body-check with an ignorant snowboarder. The masses of fresh snow combined with the strong wind are certainly challenging, but we beat it with will, force and laughter.

Before we turn around and face the whiteout, we stop for a short rest behind a rural barn. Lucky us that we regained our sinews with hot tea and boarisch Brezn! The path downwards is hardly visible with the wind blowing masses of snow even over fresh traces. We loose the original path several times and fight our way back on solid ground, sinking in the snow up to our hips. It definitely was a good decision to go for a well-known route today.

Once back at the parking, our cheeks glow red of snow, wind and joy. It has not quite been a piece of cake, but some nice workout and a whole lot of fun.



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