Preparing Nepal: Time over Quality


10 Days ago at the Kreuzjoch / Garmisch

Time flies and my fitness shape has has sort of left me behind: one of us is already over the peak and I am afraid it isn’t me. Such a pity that I cannot spend all of my time for sports and holidays, but even with foggy weather and tiny time frames I can rely on a proverb that is well-known among Munich hikers: Rotwand is always an option.


Typical Surrounding at the Spitzingsee

Relying on my hiking experience of 2017 I am able to get by without further pathfinders – at least when keeping to well-known regions such as Spitzingsee or Garmisch. With a 6-days-week behind (and another one ahead), I aim for tranquility and good food, reaching both before the end of the day. The tranquility part is easy enough when wandering on cloud level: with a view that is limited to about 10 meters, I feel alone and relaxed due to the fact that I hardly see any other hiker.


The total of 650 altitude meters is far from a severe exercise, but at least my feet remain used to vertical directions.

Today’s winter season impedes the awareness of increasing sea levels. Each time I spend some time in the mountains, it is plain white around me.


Looking for Sunset

I make the best of the given conditions, going for showshoe-walks whenever possible and changing 30 boring TV channels to a flashing view that outperforms all blockbusters of your local cinema. Although I might use spare time for other hobbies after the Nepal holidays, there still is a fair chance that I might return to regular hiking tours throughout the summer. Views to catch, mountains to climb…


I heard the Himalaya looks a bit like the Alps – I think that’s not so bad…

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