Straighten up and Climb right

With every week, I gain back more and more of my sporty life. Lately, hiking has shown a wonderful development – and now I go for more, leading the direction towards vertical ascents.

It starts with a dear friend and a call: What about a climbing session? Outside walls of our favourite climbing hall, finally trying out all the new equipment I gathered?

Yes to Climbing!

It is the first time since… February? Hence, we start right away with trial over trial how to get the right knot in my brand-new rope. It takes us less then 15 minutes and there we go: up and up and hands over feet, head over heels, with a smiling face towards the sun.

All it takes…

I used the passive months for active shopping: a rope that suits our outfits, and, completing silly-but-senseful things: climbing glasses. The carnivalesque frame with a 45/90° prism makes you look up while looking straight. My neck, the intervertebral disk and my shoulders remain relaxed and so does the friend on the wall, remaining in full view even at 15m height.

The hardest Part: Get the Rope into the Snap Hook (without falling down)

I might have missed a bright day in the Alps, but got rewarded with wonderful company and the sensation of flying high. Once I grow up, I will take care to work less and have more of such fun days!

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