B-Sides: No. 10

Retrospective on a cloudless sunrise on April 10, 2020. An empty sky requires different timing: Take pictures of the preferred spot of the day 15-20 minutes before the sun crosses the horizon line. Typical colours are blue and velvet / pale pink (cloudless, early) compared to vibrant pink and orange (directly after sunup with the right portion of reflecting clouds). I definitely built up non-economic knowledge.


Construction Time Again

B-Sides: No. 8

Those who can count might have noticed that No. 7 has no B-side. In fact, the material collected along the way was okay for an A-Side (like: the single that might make it to the Billboard charts), but nothing can be added on the B-Side. Empty vinyl, that would be it. So, here comes another day and at least April 8 has been full of early morning impressions, visible in today’s B-Side pic.


B-Sides: No. 6

Artificial Surrounding around “Riemer Park”, running rounds around the Rodelhügel. Fantastic view towards the distant Alps, magic darkness and a pale moon, yet difficult to catch without tripod. However, not only the chain of mountains in deep velvet light has been impressive, also the mixture of modern art in public places and ongoing construction for another temple of consumption have come with a certain charm.


Back on April 6, 2020

B-Sides: No. 1

Time is blurry these days. Which day is today? Why should I get up? A very personal answer has been my sunrise project from 1st – 30th of April. Developed without purpose, a pure reaction on the emptiness that unfolded around us.

Besides that, the daily house concerts by Igor Levit help to smooth the rough phases we go through. Consequently, I dedicate the retrospective of my 30-in-30 sunups to this wonderful pianist, to the uncounted notes he plays, the sonic waves that touch the untouched, the emotion that lies within music. Thank you so much for it!


April 1st, 2020, 6.45 a.m. Focused on a Symbol of Peace and Upcoming Light