Resumé Part II / Finish

Physics say, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. What physics might have ignored is the sensation of a single-lane road, surrounded by heavy trucks and with construction sites speckled every few kilometers. The travelling part of the trip was mostly great, but next time I will look out for alternative routes rather than the Route National N70, even though it was the straight way from Bordeaux to Lörrach.

Start of the Western part of the trip was St. Jean de Luz and then I followed intuition and the sun. Drawing the map of the main destinations was a lot going back and forth, but as I love that spontaneous way of travelling, I am totally at ease with some km more.



On the way South and a bit West, Uzès was great for 2 days in between (980km from Munich and 560 km from Bordeaux). At the West coast itself, I missed a lot of all possible places to go and things to do. There is no way NOT going back someday, continuing the tasting, the surfing and for sure: never stop travelling.

What we missed = yet to come:

  • Canoe trip: between the étangs (lakes) and the sea, beneath the pont du gard, …
  • Bicycle trip: from the European bicycle infrastructure, the main part is available (so far) at France’s West coast with hundreds and thousands of kilometers – all waiting for sporty girls…
  • Bastides = defensive villages from medieval times, such as Sarlat, Domme, Beynac, Castelnaud
  • More of St. Émilion and its wine and eating culture
  • Places like La Roque-Gageac (micro-climate with unexpected palm trees) or Arcachon (oyster cultures) or the region of the Béarn.
  • Les Courses Landaises = ancient form of bullfighting (without killing the animals)
  • More food! More wine!
  • Flying at the dune du pilat: tandem paragliding

Well, we are young, we are beautiful and we will come back (Hector, me and Linda or any choice of it).

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