Preparation (10): Material Testing on the Rotwand


It is around six in the morning when a strange noise disturbs my first coffee. I know this sound, but it has been a while that I have not heard it. It takes 30 seconds until I make it up: Rain! Somebody obviously ignores that rain has not been part of today’s plans.


Autumn at the Pfanngraben

Thanks to the detailed weather app of bergfex, we decide to get going nonetheless and so the five of us start today’s hiking at Spitzingsee. Drizzle continues during the first hour of the tour, preventing glorious pictures of the fabulous gorge of Pfanngraben, containing basins of clear water and little waterfalls along the way.


The higher we get, the brighter is the sky. Now that I know that my new outdoor equipment is indeed waterproof, I am fine with the drizzle having stopped. The path leads through meadows of summer’s mountain pasture, now deserted with all happy cows being either down in the cowshed or in Bavarian restaurants.


A bit later today’s culinary destination is in sight: the Rotwandhaus with a kitchen crew that presents their whole menu with an extraordinary grasp for herbs, fresh ingredients and perfect food quality.


Rotwandhaus in Sight

At first, we ignore the temptation of the alp and continue our way up until we reach the peak of the Rotwand. The sun rewards us with shy rays sent down through the cloudy sky and the peak adds a 360° view to it.


View from the Rotwand (Fragment)

Now hunger and downhill gravitation work hand in hand and minutes later we catch the best table in the Rotwandhaus. Even with the mixed up weather there is quite some crowd in the alp – on sunny days, you should look for less frequented hiking peaks. Unless cuddling strangers is among your favourite hobbys, that is.


For the way down, we choose the easy walking path that leads back to Spitzingsee in only 1 hour of walking for the 850 m altitude difference. Grazing sheep complete the typical mountain picture of the Bavarian frontyard hills and we are once more pleased with the beautiful hiking of the day.


Downhill: Taking the Easy Way

The tenth peak of the year has been the first without muscle soreness, so at least I do make some progress. Still, I have five months yet to come until I need full strength, mountain routine and an expedition sleeping bag. That is what happens when being up for higher aims…


Just One of my Peaks

2 thoughts on “Preparation (10): Material Testing on the Rotwand

  1. Jahrelang fand ich Wandern ganz nett, weil man einen ganzen Tag schöne Natur sieht, sich bewegt und mit den Mitwanderern (Freunden) über das Leben in allen Facetten unterhalten kann. Seit diesem Jahr weiß ich: spannend wird es für michdann, wenn schwierige Passagen dabei sind. Wo man mit Händen und Füßen arbeitet und sich den Gipfel erkämpft – dann strahle ich wie ein Honigkuchenpferd am Gipfelkreuz. Schön,wenn das ausstrahlt 😉 Probier doch mal den Heidschnuckenweg, nimm am besten auch Claudia mit für bewegte Gespräche. Ganz wichtig: überall einkehren unterwegs 🙂 LG, Britta

  2. Ach, du Liebe. Auf deinen Fotos siehst du stets aus, wie das Reklamegirl für Glück und Lebensfreude. Auf jeden Fall bewundernswert powerful.
    Ob ich auch mal solch eine Wandersache machen soll? Es gibt südlich Hamburg den Heidschnuckenweg. Der Zug von Kiel hält direkt am Beginn des Weges. Ich muss das wirklich mal ausprobieren, ob das was für uns ist, für Pieps und mich.

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