Nepal: What Had I Thought??


Departure day:

My right foot hurts, although only when wearing shoes. With fresh snow falling outside, I count 7 mosquito bites (must have caught a flying monster inside my flat). Besides, I have finally caught a cold – 10 months of preparation and now I have to deal with a sore throat and feel like a hangover (without any alcohol, that is). Taking all this into consideration, I come to conclude that the Nepal / Himalaya trip has probably been one of my worst ideas ever.


Other Regions might be more Inviting. Less Exciting, though.

So what, it is all paid and thus I wave a mournful goodbye to brave little Hector and head off to the airport. At least I have one high aim for the trip: go find the Yeti and pose for a picture with him.


Hi there, here I am…

This in mind, I lean back in the suburban train with confidence and excitement – not being aware of the fact that the first challenge will come up during the flight. It is funny how you may worry about life and focus on negligible details (such as overstrained luggage), only to get caught off-guard from an unforeseen flank.

Best is to lean back, relax, and pray for the best…


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