France Ahead! or: Spontaneous Travelling

What I love about camping holidays? The spontaneity! Nothing needs to be booked, no long-lasting preparation is required and all you need is a bikini, a credit card and the keys for Hector.

As a matter of coincidence, the pleasant anticipation of the surf holidays made me blow the dust off my skateboard and run the local skatepark once a week. Apart from the fun, the practice may be of use when trying to ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean later this summer.


Hector, always eager for sun and water, used a lazy Saturday morning for some water polo (says he won the trophy, being the first to hit the target). With the windscreen now being washed from all sides, I am finally able to see his sparkling silvery dress from all perspectives – even inside out.


At least Linda remains relaxed. Holidays at the sea = all routine, no preparation needed. My only concern is that she might outperform my fragile wave surfing if she continues her open water swimming: Kilometres and kilometres in rough sea, pumping her arm and shoulder muscles like superwoman. Great that she will be still vivid after each surf lesson! Thus, there’s someone (superwoman) who can take care of food and drinks while I will be totally “crevée” (exhausted), sleeping off on the couch.


The Girl with the Camping Diploma: Linda

Great Holiday Expectations ahead!