Inner Beauty – Wahre Schönheit kommt von innen


The new, fantastic, most comfortable and beautiful inner Hector!

Hector has just reached his grown-up age. With 85.000 km and 13 years old, he is like a young man, keen to see the world and full of power (130 PS). And, like many young men, his taste for fashion comes with room for improvement.


Hector’s Look when we met

With some positive financial coincidence, 2018 becomes the “Depeche Mode” year in the very best and literal sense. Imagine Hector running down the roads with something more decent than the baby-blue-grey-stripe design that was fancy way back in the 80ies.


The Couch before the Make-Over

The scope comprises the look as well as the core of my couch: I never use the “Dinette” as a 2-banks-1-table-combination. Deep down in my heart, I am a veritable couch-potato and consequently, I spread all available cushions over the surface of benches and table, all for my lounge sofa. Not only that there is always at least one cushion missing for full couch comfort, they are all worn out and bring your buttocks in touch with the wooden subfont of the banks.


Work in Progress

First step is writing an e-mail to 2 different companies. The responses have been clear and “G+S Polstermacher” wins nearly unchallenged. The second step is even better: go on a trip and test your current equipment thoroughly. Thus, during the France holidays, I figured out how I see my couch-bed-perfect furniture in the future and challenged it with Linda.



Now it is late October and the famous city of Enkenbach-Alsenborn welcomes Hector and me. Already during first coffee, I find an apple-green tissue that would juice up Hector’s interior. Ha, and I feared that I might not find fitting colours easily!

Minutes later, I learn that the drape tissues I have in hand are not meant for seats and sofas, so I start all over again. Perhaps something red? Or something borrowed, something blue??



We start with the forms and at least this part is easy: stronger cushions all over. A rounder shape in the back rest of the couch. Two sizes for the inner couch part, offering a slightly bigger piece for the bed function. In total, I need 2 more pieces than Adria had offered at Hector’s birth 13 years ago. The guys here immediately see what I need, and later that same morning, I am invited to test the new couch on the raw cushions.


Form Follows Function: Highly Comfortable

In the end, all forms and colours are defined and I head off. My van looks a bit naked and I am positive that there is something strange with the front part of my Ducato, but that is no wonder given that I left the passenger seat behind.


Meanwhile I wonder why the upper half of the door does not need insulation…

Now I can think it all over and over until I the Grande Finale which is set up for the third working day of the make-over project. I wonder why I did not choose patterns for the cushions? They are supposed to camouflage any spot or stain, but no, I went for solid-coloured tissues instead. Will the quantity of the perforated Alcantara tissue suffice for all pieces? Will the couch be too dark / too monochrome / too straight? Why not go for a funny 70ies style van and ignore other aesthetics??

All in all, it takes 3,5 Polstermacher employees and almost 3 days. In the afternoon of the third day, Hector presents his updated inner qualities in the most decent way: Dark anthracite meets light grey, perforated Alcantara meets Microfibre and luxury cushions meet the couch’s multiple functions.

I am more than happy: now Hector’s look meets my style and I hardly can wait for our next trip!


What a Contrast compared to the old Look


P.S.: About costs? Pretty fair: The entire makeover with all new cushions + both front seats + bed-enlargement (upstairs) + 2 covers on the door and in the back of the couch = 2.090,- €. Spread over upcoming years and trips full of happiness, it is well balanced 😊


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