Straight South! Starting the Sicilian Trip

Munich throws bright rays of sun on Hector and the crew when Martina hops on, all ready for our fantastic trip to Sicilia. Summer comes late this year and even though Trentino welcomes us with constant rain, we are grateful for not having snow along the way.


At Caldaro/Kaltern, Martinas friend welcomes us for our first holiday night. Hector is fine with wine from all sides and the same is true for us.


On Sunday, we decide to use our well-prepared roadmap for spontaneous changes in our plans: leaving Parco Bomarzo aside and ignoring Paestum, we continue straight south until we reach sunny weather at the coastline in Baia Domizia.


Hector likes it best with a distance of max. 30 metres to the sea and so do we. Mere 1.092 km away from home took us straight into summer holidays.


Along the way…


…to summer destinations!

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