Capo Day, and: Sicilia, finally!


The day starts like every day should: Waking up close to the beach, then drive Hector to Capo Vaticano. Get flashed with the variety of looks the sea offers.


Hard to say, who is more flashed: Hector or Martina

In perfectly good mood we head off towards the Sicilia-Ferry, when suddenly the main road is blocked and the deviation takes us on tiniest roads, all up into the mountains. Steep as the French sea-alps and leading straight up, the paths make us enter different temperature zones before rolling down, back to sea level.


Hector is as adventurous as always, taking it nonchalant straight onto the ferry. Between Villa San Giovanni and Messina, the sea is as narrow as blue jeans right out of the laundry, giving us hardly enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Coffee along the Way

In the early afternoon, we arrive at Capo Milazzo. The Mediterranean Sea continues to play it cool and azur, it is hardly bearable…


Welcoming Sicilia beneath our Tires

A church is located at Capo Milazzo, digged straight into the rock of the landmark and decorated with marble marquetry. It has a special athmosphere, itensified by a young man murmuring his prayers. We sit down in silence for a couple of minutes before we exit the church and enter the real world.


Finally, we settle down at the only campsite available, Camping Riva Smeralda. You may not choose it for luxury sanitary facilities, but there are two strong reasons for it: First, it is as close to the port of Milazzo as a campsite can get. Second, you end up with that view:


The only complaints we may raise are about the kitschy view on early morning fishermen…


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