Isola Bella

Our first week has been filled with 1.837,7 km (Hector, driving), 900m altitude difference (Stromboli, outbreaking) and overall 9h on ferrys and boats. Now we decide to take it slow and stay one more day at Paradise Camping / Taormina.


Even under Cloudy Sky: Isola Bella, all bella

Martina is keen on hiking up to mountain villages and crash traditional Italian weddings, while I am just lazy. For the morning, however, we both head off towards Isola Bella – which in fact is not more than a tiny peninsula that lies there like a leftover from Taormina’s basement.


I assume the inch of sea water between Isola Bella and land is handmade, created by some inventive tourist office – and you know what? it works! Everybody is keen on wet feet and on the walk over to the island.


Weather is dithery today, but nothing we cannot cope with. The general rule of our holidays is: Rain is something that happens elsewhere. Every now and then we get told about the “brutto tempo” and Sicilian folks are all upset about it. Compared to the rainy May we had in Germany this year, we are happy about the sun-and-clouds-mixture we face here. Furthermore, I like the diffuse light that almost merges the sky with the sea.


For noon, we choose once more our favorite ristorante Porta Messina, again with fantastic food and friendly service. Taormina does it’s best to make us feel comfortable.


Meanwhile, Martina is on her own mission and finds even more beauty in architecture, landscape and people high above Taormina.


And Hector? Enjoys beach day!


Hector’s Perspective

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