Sicilia – The What, The Where and The How (Part 2)


Moving around a bit: 1.662 km on Sicila

Have we seen everything? Far from that. Yet, Hector and his varying number of passengers drove down and up and East and West and we have seen just enough to generate the yearning for more.



(10) Cefalú. The perfect spot for perfect vanlife. For early bird yoga, an almost private beach bay and a nice city close-by. 23,48 €/night are a fair price at camping Sanfilippo. Forget about the mini shop, forget about the minimum number of hot showers, enjoy the simple camper life and the view.


Villa Romana del Casale

(11) Piazza Armerina / Villa Casale: The ruins of the ancient villa with an overflow of mosaic tiles spread over all former rooms is definitely worth a visit. I deeply recommend to do it early: before hundreds of busses filled with ancient tourists arrive. And before you visit Monreale.


(12) Scala dei Turchi / Agrigento: Beach parking at Punta Piccola Park / Porto Empedocle has been perfect for a night (20,- €) and the walk over to the cliff called Scala dei Turchi. The aftermath of having been there is my personal handstand challenge that keeps me busy (and sporty) ever since…

Oh, and Agrigento? Yes, is there, too.


(13) San Vito lo Capo: Promising, based on the facts of location and campsite data. While, at least for my experience, the promise remains unfulfilled.


(14) Monreale: Incredible in it’s richness and artfulness. Located close to Palermo’s port, it has been the ideal finish of my Sicilian trip.


Up and on and around the Cathedral of Monreale


(15) Shortcut: Taking the ferry from Palermo to Genove is the shortcut on the way back: 21 hours full of doing nothing but sunbathing, sleaping, reading and eating. All of a sudden you arrive in Northern Italy.


The cabin I booked half a year ago offers plenty of space, a hot shower and the meet-and-greet with the fire steward. Afterwards I know that a closed bathroom door would prevent the fire alarm caused by clouds of hot steam.


Before this travel, I used to think that Sicilia is far, far away. In fact, it took me less than 1,5 days to get back: In one minute I wave goodbye to Palermo (Wednesday, 21:00h) and at 00:30h (early Friday), Hector and me are back home with the usual ambivalent feeling of endless travel-lust vs. home-sweet-home.


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