Countdown: 8

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes even makes a vertical flip, bringing the world as you know it upside-down. Having realized that, I try to gain more control by doing it all on purpose.


Physical Preparation for Upcoming Travels

However, let’s get back to where it started: Sicily, June 2019, the cliff called Scala dei Turchi. Having no specific experience nor circus trick at hand, I went for typical, boring tourist pictures in extraordinary landscape. Me, smiling towards the camera and that was it so far. Then, a low voice in the back of my head asked: What if I exercise more focused? I always liked handstand and liked to use it for funny pictures in beautiful surrounding. Hence, I started right there during my last week on Sicily and, tadaa!, it improved within days.



I continued for a couple of weeks and months, adding some handstand training to each yoga session. And I managed to include more yoga sessions throughout my working life. I even went to a handstand workshop with yoga teacher Lucie and improved significantly, proved by playing the sandbox during the September weekend at Zandvoort.


Alignment… Stability… Flexibility…

October came with funny sunny weather and with Jacktheyogi who talked me into a bright photo session. These have been my best trials so far!


Then, the balance of work and sports got shifted and I lost track of it. Still, I tried to get some nice postures during early ski days in November.


While the original idea has been to work hard on my skills during winter and get prepared for my upcoming holidays, it is now time take a honest look at my current abilities: Bad news is that I lost the habit of continuous training along the way – being quite obvious in all recent attempts.


Good news is a change in mindset: Once I got started, I lost the fear to fall over, shyness in public or other virtual boundaries. Free your mind and the rest will follow! Here I am now, well motivated for upcoming exercises and looking back on simultaneous handstands with the artist of the day.


The paintings will be there at every exhibition of Ardian Binaj (and so worth it), yet the One-Minute-Sculpture (more true: one second) happened exceptionally. Thanks for Playing!

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