Countdown: 6

 Play it loud, play it proud!

The calm days are over! The cliché of surfer-vanlife that hung temptingly in the back of my head now developped into sonic impacts: I proudly present my Ukulele.


From now on, it will be easy to check out which of my temporary neighbours are petty bourgeois (complaining about noise) and which are cool and open-minded to instrumental-experimental sounds.

Learning something new is fascinating: At first, you don’t know nothing and an instant later you take your first steps, shifting your abilities a 100% up. Try out unknown terrain, fail, try again, get further. Meanwhile, my hands and muscles learn moves that develop from funny sound to recognizable music. My brain learns to read scrum schemes and chords and my whole body learns to differ between hands (playing the strings) and head (singing).


Imagine my Surprise when it Turned Out that I Can Actually Sing! (Here: My Famous Last Christmas Video with Greetings to Linda)

Thanks to the best guitar/ukulele teacher in eastern Munich (Echo Music School), the 2020 Hector trip starts on a much higher level than I had imagined. Now, wherever happy tones float through the air, something like “Here Comes the Sun” or “I’m Yours”, it is highly probable that great little Hector is near.


Mostly Harmless when Stored in the Bathroom, More of a Show when Played Outdoors

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