Coronetzefix nochamal! (Countdown 4)


18 months planning… 6 months preparation + booking… weeks of anticipation… counting down the last working days until the job ends and I will live from the air that I breathe and the joy of travelling. Then the headlines turn up seedy.

While I usually try to find positive approaches to upcoming obstacles, the corona virus development is a real challenge. I am yearning for my holidays, for sun on my skin and waves around my body. Thanks to a couple of dentist appointments, I even got my bikini shape just in time. It is not only about me, but includes friends from abroad: Linda will join, coming from another country with different rules or risks and with the plan to spend her holidays in good company (that would be me :-)).

So, what to do?


Of course, I have made up a plan B. And a plan C. D and E as well. F and following letters might enfold when needed. Yet, it is a question of time and money: If the planned holidays cannot be realized, a similar opportunity will come up not earlier than a couple of years later.

I will keep my fingers crossed for a world-wide calm-down of illness in general and of corona in particular. I will keep an eye on the travel limitations of my destinations (stop-over-airports included). I even might spin the prayers wheel that I got from Nepal. And I will be careful of what I am wishing: Mostly, my wishes come true, so I hope for the best!!

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