The In-Between


One Week Ago: Ready to Go

It is not only the cancellation of a trip I prepared throughout months. It is not the letting-go of an idea I aimed for since summer 2018. It is frustration, insecurity and disbelief.

The corona crisis throws me back 1 – 5 years, depending on its duration. If not questioning my entire business: Will I be able to continue my preferred work as a freelancer? Will I keep my apartment? Not to think of my (already far from being splendid) pension assurance… Hard to trust politicians way beyond science, copying more or less blindly the reactions of other countries and with no estimate of neither duration nor impact or recovering. Meaning the impacts on moral, society, culture and economics, left alone those on general health.

Yet, this is a travel blog, so what about the planned voyage? The 3-months-sabbatical, finally rewarding me for years of hard work and of several cancelled vacations? Well…


Roadmap, Culture, Literature, Camping, Timing – Prepared Options for some Destinations in Scope

If and When and Where I will travel this year is not clear. Instead of carrying the prepared piles of luggage into Hector, I will store them properly in my wardrobe. The Sri Lanka trip (backpack holidays with surfing and three weeks of travelling all around the country) will be the easiest to re-activate one day. The France + England part is different: The idea was spending plenty of time, much more time than usually. Drive and park and stay and move on. See and taste, relax and be active. Who knows if I will get my chance for such a sabbatical at all… It depends upon the economic development of the next months.

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