Day by Day Sunrise Project: Collecting Perspectives

Sometimes, it is beyond words. I get used to ignore the itching lack of possibilities, try not to think of all the things that are missing. Worries about our society’s ethics decrease to a low hum of concern, and any thought of travel destination becomes neglected.


Meanwhile, other action steps in: I purge the mess of undone vacations, clean up my balconies and the entire apartment and do not stop when it comes to the circle of friends. These days, I do not bear distant consternation – shouldn’t friendship come with understanding and comfort? Still, the support among most of my friends and my surrounding is overwhelmingly positive.

Aiming to stabilize positive radiation, here comes the third decade of corona crisis times, sorted by its daily sunrise. It tells me that the 5:00 am alarm clock is worth something.


April 10


April 11 = Corona Jogging #12


April 12


April 13 = Corona Jogging #13


April 14


April 15 = Corona Jogging #14


April 16


April 17 = Corona Jogging #15


April 18


April 19 = Corona Jogging #16

In case you do not want to wait another 10 days for uprising pics, feel free to check out “reisebritta” on instagram.

Bonus Track: Take me to the Moon (part 2):


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