Compensating Heights: The No-Travel-Substitute 2020

Hiking the Alps
The outstanding Triple-Peak-Tour of the Year: Transcending the Geierköpfe

Months of the strangest year did not stop my yearning for travels. Real travels, with different places to go und foreign people to meet. Yet, I am lucky to live in a region that attracts tourists for one or another reason, and I take advantage of it as much as possible.

Hiking the Alps Chiemgau
July: Heuberg, Karkopf, Karspitze

Of course, you could take this as travel inspiration: Any of the mountain tours shown here may tempt you to spend precious holiday time between Munich and the Alps. Me, instead, I have to deal with an insulted van (with only 3 nights out, Hector feels entirely left behind), but at least I can look back on 13 hikes from July to October.

July/August: Geigelstein, Schwarzenberg, Hirschberg

Having crossed off most of the tours of my hiking books, I will look for online inspiration and continue with outdoor action throughout the winter.

Hiking the Alps
August/September: Scheinbergspitze, Torkopf, Wendelstein

For today, I happily present a quick glance on tours No. 1-13, also known as my holiday-substitute 2020.

October: Rabenkopf, Gedererwand, Kranzhorn

The list of all Hiking-the-Alps tours is presented here => Overview.

B-Sides: No. 30

The finale of my sunrise series happens in the most comfortable way: The last spot I have chosen is the Eastern part of my appartment. I witness the change of colours in the sky for a full hour before I manage to catch the exact moment when the sun crosses the horizontal axis. I try to ignore the itching thought of ideal spring weather at my planned destinations (eg Bretagne) and focus on what I have instead. I have had 30 days in a row, all with perfect conditions for early morning runs and a maximum variety of sunups.

B-Sides: No. 28

Ha! Exactly 1 month ago I froze the yearning for travel, for vanlife and freedom in a picture. And as of May 28, I have just come back from a short trip with great little Hector – but that is another short-story for another day.

That was April 28, 2020. Full of Unfulfilled Yearning…

B-Sides: No. 25

Once upon a time (> 25 years ago), the former airport was closed and a park has been established. With neatly arranged rows of trees, paths that seem to continue endlessly on straight lines and an artificial lake. The Riemer Park never got rid of its very special ambiance – here is how it looked like on April 25, 2020.

B-Sides: No. 20


München and the development of the Werksviertel: Once it was a factory area, then full of clubs and bars and all kinds of nightlife places, now it turns into a new high class quarter. I used to love dancing here, surrounded by subculture events, container café and interim-usage, while now it becomes very established for a more distinguished public. Still, traces of mixed-up times remain, leading to two more pictures as of April 20.


Standing Still: Big Wheel of Fortune