The Sunrise Project: 20 – 30


Let’s talk about the Universe. I have known it ever since for its worshipping character and the fulfilment of wishes, ranging from parking spots to physics. And I know that I should be careful with what I am wishing, I am no idiot. Still, it does not explain the current development:

  • Travel, any long-prepared or spontaneous travel? Cancelled.
  • Job, career, earning money? Cancelled.
  • Nature, mountains, hiking? Cancelled. Forbidden, even.
  • Sports, at least independent home sports such as running or yoga? Disabled, thanks to some injury that keeps my shoulder anything but relaxed.

So here I am, raising my fist towards outer space, swearing and threatening “Hey there, come out and face me! If you don’t stop throwing obstacles at me, I will… [?¿!…?] – well, I will…”


The last project still standing has been the 30-sunrises-in-30-days. Here come the sunups of the 4rth Corona decade, April 20 – April 30. I wonder what will motivate me out of bed from May on…


April 20


April 21 = Corona Jogging #17


April 22


April 23 = Corona Jogging #18


April 24


April 25 = Corona Jogging #19


April 26


April 27 = cloudy, no jogging 😦


April 28 = The Yearning, Visualized


April 29


April 30 = Home, Sweet Home

I have learnt a lot about cloud volumes, timing and how to focus on structures. Especially without a tripod at hand, aiming to over-compensate any blurry aspect by gorgeous perspectives or interesting settings.

Bonus Track: Take me to the Moon (part 3). Which Moon?? These days, anything can be artificial…


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