Tourism at Home

I am positive that my neighbours appreciate the good vibes we spread, audible with ukulele chords and loud laughter. It all starts with friends and family (1 of each) and the yearn for holidays in Southern Europe. Munich, in the end.

Good Vibes available here

The first night is a short one with wine bottles in a row and the rosé being the nasty one. Brave girl that I am, I am willing to taste new stuff when meeting foreigners from abroad, even when it is all but a weekend at my place with two girls from Hessen.

Top: Content and Lookout

Friday gets better and better, pushing the economic fortune of local shops and work load off the desk. We end up on the rooftop of Vorhölzer Forum, a place as charming as ever and with less hurting liquid in our glasses.

Munich below, Horizon above

Dramatic skies frame our evening as we watch the sun dive deep into the clouds, the latter already covering the distant peaks of the Alps. Being all lazy on top, we witness private soccer players in the wonderful frontyard of the old Pinakothek.

Other than “Bundesliga”, those Guys have Spectators: us!

Perhaps in our next life we will decide to pass our student’s time in a place with universities right beside parks and museums, with almost too much distraction when aiming for good grades.

Rooftop Bar Vorhölzer Forum

Saturday is scheduled for lake-holiday and with a bit of patience, the weather is just perfect for summer heat without the regular crowds. We worship the clouds and spend hours between water and grass with the only complaint about the closed snack bar.

Piles of People? Not today.
Heads up at Mural

Then the evening: Downtown. Off-places-to-be. Unobtrusive, expensive. When fantastic food meets excellent wine in a setting of graffiti and a relaxed backyard. Pleasure, friends and summer in the city. How wise to spend the saved money for such a joyful evening, turning undone travels into taste and beauty.

Each night ends with greetings to Jupiter and Saturn, slowly fading out of our world and back into theirs, yet still hanging over the house in front and shining down on our exquisite round of three.

Even though Munich as a city is excellent for a holiday weekend, in the end it is all about people. The sommelier with unexpected, tasty wine, the owners of tiny boutiques, the students around and, most of all, the constellation of 3 women coming together to celebrate this crazy year in their own way.

2 thoughts on “Tourism at Home

  1. Danke für die Blumen 🙂 Mit einer schlauen Schwester als Vorbild gebe ich mir extra-Mühe und für lustiige Gäste natürlich auch!

  2. Thats exactly how ist was – thank you so much for this weekend. und ich bin begeistert angesichts der verdichteten Sätze!

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