Arrivée sur l’Île de Ré – France 2021, Part 3

1.570 km. Thereof around 320 during our 4th day of driving, most of them through beautiful landscape and only few on autoroutes.

En Route…

It would be smart to make another stop-over at La Rochelle. Now that almost everything has re-opened, but before masses of foreign tourists make their way. Still, I feel more like arrival with a beach and the sea and bathrooms and a shower. I definitely need a shower. Hence, Hector takes the bridge towards Île de Ré and we arrive at La Couarde sur Mer before noon.

Almost there!

The campsite “Le Remondeau” is a typical camping municipal: located between beach and village, proper and relaxed. Settling down gets more adventurous than I would have guessed: I plug in the 50m cable into the socket and jump back a few centimetres due to a flash of light and sparks all around me.

A quick inspection of the cable enfolds that it is broken with damaged isolation. No electricity for Hector or so it seems…

Basically: great. If only we could get electricity without the sparks and the shorted…

While I wonder how long it will take until the prawns in my fridge will start to annoy the surrounding with fishy odeurs, I realize that several campsite neighbours witness my misfortune. I receive recommendations for shopping possibilities (new cable drum), when out of the blue a guy approaches, quickly examines the cable, takes it and promises to come back. I feel a bit lost with my wonderful van and empty hands, but decide to wait before pannicking.

Fifteen minutes later, it is all solved: the cable drum repaired (miraculously!), a new plug + French intersection handed over and Hector is again satisfied. Not sure if the prawns are as happy as me, but at least they turn out to be delicious later that evening!

Preferred Evening Setting

Finally, we lean back for good. Hector, now charged 24/7, me with wonderful sunsets at the shore. Good to know that I have quite some time ahead of me in this scenery!

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