…and then: Back. France 2021, Part 14

In fact, this is not how it looks like on departure day. Instead, rain and stormy wind ease my decision to get up and going – if not for the closed barrier at the campsite’s exit. It remains stubbornly closed until I place an early morning wake up-call for helpful staff with a key.

Super-Héctor et la Moselle

Hector takes the road under his wheels, turns up the music and off we go. 829 km further, we are back in summer temperatures and make Metz our home for the night. The camping municipal almost falls into the Moselle river with a mere 10 minutes-walk to the heart of the city.

Metz, downtown

Metz is not huge, but vivid and full of students, leading to all kinds of bars, cafés and restaurants spread over the alleys of the vielle ville.

Metz, Cathedral

The cathedral is the most prominent landmark around and most probably calm and impressing inside. I wonder if I should check it out, but get tempted by Hector’s cosy bed. 10 hours of driving have been less of an effort at the age of twenty-something…

The 533 km between Metz and Munich are a piece of cake. Being only half way through my pile of road music, I put Hector in parking position right in time for a welcome coffee at my neighbour’s place. Great to have both: a comfy apartment and the world’s best super-van.

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