The Tour 2022 (M): The Eden Project

My inner clock is still set on continental time; hence I am up and gone early enough. After the first half hour on the road, I start to relax and develop steady routine on left-driving. Just then, I face a car accident ahead with a blocked road. Without hesitation, I follow the recommendation of the courteous officer: follow that car!, meaning another motorhome, heading West. My inner racing queen sort of enjoys chasing after the other, on tiniest field roads until ending up at another blocked junction. Helpless charm of a certain blonde-violet lady takes over and seconds later, the other RV guy and me make our way.

Detour of the Day

Along the way, I notice signs towards the Eden Project and I vaguely remember to have it on my list. Spontaneously, I exit the main road and make my way to the world’s biggest greenhouses. Rather: green-bubbles, to be more precise…

Welcome to the Eden Project

The general idea is something about saving the planet by ecologic education and I certainly take over my part when paying the 38,50 £ entrance fee. Hard to decide whether this is like a green-washed Disneyland for kids, pedagogical paradise for school classes or a nice garden area – probably, all of it.

Artificial Nature

I stroll through the rain forest biome with palm trees, waterfalls and rope bridges. It is easy to wander on the prepared paths and welcome all the nature-impressions and the general spirit of this place.

On Top of the Jungle

My personal highlight is the platform held by steel ropes, gently sliding and with a 50m view down.

Looking Down

Around noon, more and more families and masses of kids take over the place. Some lunch, a last picture of the greenhouse-bubble-structure, and then I hop on Hector for the next destination.

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