The Tour 2022 (O): London with Friends

One of the ultimate highlights of The Tour 2022: Seeing friends and family in London!

So excited!

Hector remains in St. Ives while I pay impressing prices for the Great Western Railway. All worth it when arriving in London, hopping on the brand-new Elisabeth line, contrasted by the old Northern line and arriving in Finchley.

Leaving Cornwall (and Hector) behind…

Hampstead Heath is the first destination, having a little walk and wide views all around.


Ute leads us in the most colourful parts of the London subway, all following Anthony’s “Classic London” tour of the day.

Brilliant & Colourful

Just around the corner of King’s Cross, we detect upcoming quarters of the city. Lucky me that I am totally resistant when it comes to shopping in fantastic boutiques or when lured into design furniture shops. At least until I hold just the right piece for my living room in my hands, hearing myself ask if I can pay in cash…

Looking back at unexpected shopping excess

Andy is busy taking pictures: architecture, urban development, modern make-overs of historical buildings, new usage in old ruins and all that. Frozen in thousands of pictures, making her smartphone steam and sweat.

Our fantastic guide leads us through the most beautiful train stations, through tiny alleys and down the music street, sneaking into China town and crossing Soho.

Artful Guidance

Still, the most wonderful event is seeing quite some faces: Only 25 years ago, some had longer hair, some have not been born and some had just started to figure out what life is about. And look at us now!

Great being together

Vivid conversations over three generations make us forget about tired feet or stressful jobs. We add drinks at one of their favourite pubs, stroll around the town some more and enjoy the weekend together. Then it is time to get back to brave little Hector and a splendid time in Cornwall.

On our Way…
Thank You for this Wonderful Weekend!!

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