The Tour 2022 (Q): Cape Cornwall

Be The Moment

Weeks later, I will feel exactly like this: as powerful as the waves, strong as rock, and focused as anything.

Today, we make it to the edge. To Cape Cornwall, to be more precise. We pass through St. Just with umpteen cafés and nice breakfast along the way, until we receive the most welcoming hello on the parking of the National Trust.

Almost there

Right from the start, this edgy part of the world enfolds a particular charm. Few, but old houses, stony walls and open skies. There is plenty of a view and not more than a handful of people.

Along the Way

The chimney on top of the headland comes from former mine activities, had then been supportive to marine navigation, is now just a leftover and proudly presented as “Heinz Monument”.

Heinz Monument on top of the Headland

If you look for typical Cornish coast line with a bit of a history, yet without touristic overflow, then Cape Cornwall is the place to be. If you are more into big names and bus loads of visitors, then you might be better off at Land’s End.

Andy and me like the slightly abandoned scenery. Smooth green meets the ocean, decorated with fragments of stone and rocks.

It is rough and beautiful, with the meadows almost falling down into the sea.

In the Background: The Brisons (looking like Charle de Gaulle lying on his back)

A peaceful (private) garden contrasts the coastal environment, like a refuge of civilization.

My secret garden is not so secret anymore…

We spend quite some time on the furthest point of the headland, watching the waves gnaw at the cliffs.

We might have filled our one-hour-parking period with 120 minutes, fascinated by this particular spot. Now that we have been to the almost-most-Western point of Cornwall, it is time to continue further down and walk on the Southern edge of UK.

Time to move on…

Hector is all up for it – following the sun is just his natural habit.

The Brisons, The Van and the Heinz Monument – We might Sell Picture Postcards of this Tryptichon!

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