B-Sides: No. 10

Retrospective on a cloudless sunrise on April 10, 2020. An empty sky requires different timing: Take pictures of the preferred spot of the day 15-20 minutes before the sun crosses the horizon line. Typical colours are blue and velvet / pale pink (cloudless, early) compared to vibrant pink and orange (directly after sunup with the right portion of reflecting clouds). I definitely built up non-economic knowledge.


Construction Time Again

B-Sides: No. 8

Those who can count might have noticed that No. 7 has no B-side. In fact, the material collected along the way was okay for an A-Side (like: the single that might make it to the Billboard charts), but nothing can be added on the B-Side. Empty vinyl, that would be it. So, here comes another day and at least April 8 has been full of early morning impressions, visible in today’s B-Side pic.