Lazy Days: Lacanu Océan [2.478,8 km]

The Aéroport de Bordeaux Mérignac is willing to change Hector into a camper-convertible: all parking spaces have height restrictions of 2,20 m maximum. Supported by friendly police officers, we find a compromise between some airport company’s parking and the stop over lane that passes by the departure hall. After my chat with the policemen (“Where is your car parked right now?” “I can’t tell you – it’s illegal.”), Linda jumps in and our common holidays begin.


Facing instable weather predictions, we decide to look for a comfortable campsite at the coastline and count on sunny hours between short rain showers. Even though the airport is located on the western side of Bordeaux, it still takes 1,5 hours to pass by myriads of roundabouts that must have been built by the founder of the legendary rabbit hole, aiming for disorientation rather than constructive traffic guidance.


At Hourtin we stop for a late lunch and drop into one of those inconspicuous places where all local workers go for their déjeuner. The waitress has a very rough charm, but the meal is delicious and we even get half a bottle of wine offered by the man next table. Full of energy, our first try is the campsite La Côte d’Argent: expensive, dark beneath a cloudy sky and a dense forest, low-quality-sanitary installations and a water-playground-something instead of a reasonable swimming pool. Consequently, we invest some more 30 minutes of our precious holiday time and go next to the yelloh! camping at Lacanau Océan. All aspects are way better here, starting with prices at 20,- EUR per night, continuing with luxurious sanitary houses, less dark trees and 2 pools, with one of them for adults only and with 18 meters suitable for real swimming. Last but not least the sea is right around the corner, surf boards are available on the camp site and the next village is only a short walk away.


The next day is water day: The morning starts with a swim in our favourite pool and relaxed breakfast. A wonderful beach walk, accompanied by neat surfers out in the rough waves, brings us to Lacanau Océan downtown for lunch.


The constant rain during the afternoon is the perfect scenery for the campsite’s spa: we enjoy all indoor and outdoor pools, massage, hammam, sauna and jacuzzi for hours. Being slightly above 20, we are well aware of the responsibility for shaped bodies and smooth skin, you know.


The next day comes up with sun, but also with unpredictable rain showers, preventing us from a bicycle tour around the lake Lac d’Hourtin. However, we are easy with relaxation, sunbathing at the pool and, without knowing it before sunset, head for a spectacular evening anyway.


Around 9:00 pm, our sunset drink at the open air bar of the camp site gets interrupted by uninvited rain. Just seconds ago, the animateur tried to persuade us to join the soirée dansante = local dancing event, at first try with no big success. But now, with the rain pouring in our drinks… We look at the stage: it has a roof. It is dry. It looks cosy with the coloured spotlights. Sure enough, it now is our place to be.

And here we are, once more dancing without shoes but with lots of joy – holidays with Linda surely mean fun!


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