Preparation (3): Seebergkopf

Here we go with the next round in 2018 preparation: Friend R. (when working together, I secretly called her “The Brain” but never told her about it), 25 °C and a cloudless sunny sky come together in perfect conditions for a neat little hiking tour. Even more important is the shoe topic. Brand new hiking shoes lust for serious usage in all possible directions: up, down, across and left/right.


The way up is supposed to be harmless, but my shoes have not heard of that. The conclusion by the end of the day will be that the hiking is fine but the socks could do better, while half way up I start dreaming of the plasters in my backpack. However, the diversified path, the view on Rotwand and other peaks and the blooming flowers along the way keep my mind distracted and my feet at ease.


3rd peak 2017: Seebergkopf

The Seepergkopf is located right in front of the Wendelstein with its striking (some say: ugly) buildings. As we stand on the veritable peak, our eyes wander a bit to the right and we see snow-white mountains in the Austrian alps and a lot of nature all around. Plus Bayrischzell at our feet.

On the way down, we stop for a drink at the Neualm which is a bit noisy with all the happy cows and their bells. Some of them approach us, looking for tender caresses, but due to their size I prefer some centimeters of distance between them and me. I rather go for a chat with the funny Irishman that sits in the middle of the cow flock like an Englishman in New York.


After 5 hours up + down + 2 breaks we are back down with 750 meters of altitude that continue flowing through our legs and feet for some hours more.

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