Little Escapes: Schliersee

Good news: Friends M. + C. and their blue Ford Nugget are down in Bavaria for a camping weekend.

Bad news: Hector is too chubby for the places located directly at the shoreline of Camping Lido. Consequently, my van with a view is limited to the backside of the sanitary house and camping neighbours around.


Camping Lido / Schliersee (Hector included)

Well, who needs a luxury home when you can spend time at your friends’ place? MC Nugget has a private grassy beach of approximately one square meter and a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge. With the sun hanging high above the foothills of the Alps and ourselves being pretty good camper nixies, we are at ease with camping, life and everything.


After a summer-in-the-lake afternoon we get a bit disappointed by Sunday’s rain. However, with little correction in today’s agenda we use the wet summer day for the Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum. Even though our slim knowledge of historical farm houses could be fed with some further explanations, we enjoy lingering around. At least we do learn some important facts: They really know how to make good “Auszogne” (building No. 23 / Behamhof) and my new hiking shoes are 100% water resistant.


Lovely old buildings at Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum

Later that day we get surprised by the camp site’s restaurant. Whatever they call it here (mostly “Gastro”), we call it pretty good food! This has nothing to do with the leak snacks they serve at other campings and is even better than the typical Bavarian plates we had at the “Terofal” restaurant just the other day.


View from the camp site into Bavaria

Having spent two nights at Camping Lido for 43,- EUR, Hector has become familiar with the landscape, the farming and the local highlights. It is only after a final cuddle with local cows that he is willing to leave the Schliersee behind.


Making friends

P.S.: Die Preise am Camping Lido sind nicht das erwartete Schnäppchen, aber der Platz ist nett geführt und bietet (mit Bulli, Glück oder Nebensaison) tolle Stellplätze direkt am See. Fakten: Ortszentrum in Laufweite, Sanitär ok und die Landschaft über jeden Zweifel erhaben.

P.P.S.: Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung veröffentlichte Ende Mai 2017 ein Special über Camping und erwähnte dabei u.a. den Caravanpark Sexten: „Dort kann man […] sich im Spa eine Silberquarzit-Urinsteinmassage verpassen lassen.“ Aaaarggh…! Nochmal gelesen: es ist von einer Silberquarzit-Ursteinmassage die Rede. Uff. Soviel Wellness bietet der Schliersee-Campingplatz nicht, aber das war auch nicht der Anspruch.


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