Up to Sweden

“I want to be the star of the show! And I want it to be a big show!” See what happens when the last serious holidays are long gone and the van becomes impatient.


The couch is ready to roll

Yes, we have been to the dolomites. Yes, there have been hiking short trips to the Alps. But a real tour, let me think, the last one ended in June 2016 after surfing France’s west coast. By now, we are desperately counting down the remaining days until we head off to Sweden. The house sitters are organized (great to have home-seeking friends), we bought a travel book and a map for south Sweden and the ferries are booked since March. Now it is time to pack and leave.


Hector, empty

Due to a lack of time the preparation so far has been limited to the facts above. Now I start thinking about: What will I do there? Where will I go? I have a vague idea of “beautiful nature” and thousands of blue shimmering lakes. Oh, and I ordered a mosquito net the other day, just in case… Hector, sure enough, does not care too much about details. He is more the “tiger in the tank” type and takes off without clear destination basically following the sun. Thus, I will let loose and see later about the where and the how and the holiday action.


Hector, packed

The packing includes long & short + warm & cold clothing, the skateboard, jogging shoes and two and a half bikinis. Fresh water, pasta, potatoes and a pound of coffee will follow right before leaving. I think this will do for most spontaneous ideas that might come up…


3 thoughts on “Up to Sweden

  1. Och, das wird schon. Meistens geht eines der Teile un-synchron kaputt oder verloren und dann, tadaaaa, habe ich Ersatz! Ansonsten wird improvisiert 🙂 Gegenüber deiner großen Reise ist der kurze Schweden-Trip eh alles pipfax, aber ich glaub, ein bisschen Ruhe ist gar nicht so übel. LG, Britta

  2. Two and a half Bikini?! What do you plan to do or is this in case the Swedish Ruby team joins you and Hector? Don’t forget, you are travelling without men-trailler Barbara 😉

  3. Gute Reise euch Beiden, Hector und Dir. Fahr schön vorsichtig, lass an den Tankstellen in Schweden keine Zimtschnecke aus, die sind nämlich klasse, genieße die schöne Natur, ignoriere den Regen, vergiss das Moskitonetz am Abend nicht und hab jede Menge Spaß.
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Reise. Wir sehen uns…

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