Preparation (7): Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Topping the foundation established by recent hiking weekends, today’s tour with 13,5 km + 960m altitude difference is supposed to be black = difficult. Except for the unforeseen challenge in finding the right turn at the right time it has been comparable to the mid-level tours we had just the other weeks. Anyway, I am sure that the route description could be followed easily as long as you hand over the itinerary to someone being less blonde before you leave the alp “Obere Firstalm”.


Those who consider exact reading being too time-consuming may forget about the sidestep to the Bodenschneid alp and head directly to the Bodenschneid peak with its large cross and the wide view from the Brecherspitz to the Tegernsee. The cliff at the edge is the perfect location for a second breakfast and for resorting the planned route.


View from Bodenschneid to the Tegernsee

We continue our way by crossing a steep meadow before we find back the correct path to the Rinnerspitz and thus the second peak of today’s tour. It is only the path to the 3rd peak Wasserspitz that is somehow hidden underneath the trees and the grass.


Whoever finds out about the heart with the knife: tell me about it

We accept today being a lazy one with only 750m altitude difference over all. Lucky us that we reached the highest of the planned peaks and enjoyed the shortened tour like a relaxed walk in the park. Finally it is one of the base lines of the ancient philosopher Meatloaf: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad!

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