Sweden (3): Desperately Seeking…

After two days in Eringsboda, it is time to move on. In Hällevik happens a jazz festival. With Swing Jazz. They even mention Lindy Hop on their website! The case is clear: we know where to go.



Being the direct opposite to the Côte d’Azur, Sweden is not even overcrowded in time of events. Consequently, I find a nice spot at the local camp site with no difficulty at all. It only takes 1.000 meters to walk to the festival, but as I rather use my new fantastic folded bicycle, it takes me 2.500m each time (based on short cuts or hidden passages).


Distracted by Landscape. Or Seascape?

Even though 10°C plus would be nice, the weather remains stable throughout the festival weekend. And although 35 years less would be nice, I am surrounded by friendly people that smile politely at my Swedish language approaches.

The first evening brings disillusion: although filled with people and good music, nobody moves. They all sit and listen, full stop. Being a prominent dancing chick, this behaviour irritates me quite a bit. After 4 or 5 different bands in different locations, I finally manage to find the dance floor that has been built next to the stage of the festival tent. With relief I spot a handful people dancing, finally! No Lindy Hop or Boogie, but still. I push my way through walking frames and perms and roll up the dance floor.


Great Music by “Jazz Five”

Saturday is even better: during daytime I stroll around, sit here and there, eat and drink and listen to a couple of finest jazz bands. In the evening, I choose “Gunhild Carling”, not being aware of them being sort of famous in here. Fact is that they know how to bring up a great atmosphere and within seconds the little dance floor is populated with the right kind of people. Just minutes after I posted “Desperately Seeking Lindy Hoppers” on the festival’s Instagram site, I finally found Sweden’s dancing scene. The universe knows how to grant wishes and how to make a party!


Thanks for Playing!

After two days at the festival, I know a bit more about the world beyond my borders:

  • The prices of Swedish camp sites are in reverse proportion to their sanitary rooms.
  • I really should learn how to dance more extroverted. Perhaps some tattoos would help…

Underdressed and mostly harmless – still having so much fun!


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