Sweden (7): Ancient Art

It is time to move on. The Fjällbacka Camping is probably the only spot in Sweden where you can not pay by card, but I am well prepared and do not even ask why two out of three days come with a bargain.

Hector takes the road along the coast line direction Tanumshede and in the late morning we arrive at Vitlycke. We find free parking (even overnight, if desired) and the presentation of ancient rock carvings.


Rock Carvings around Tanum

Right upon our arrival, an English guided tour starts (once more: for free) and for the next 30 minutes we learn about the technique, the possible meanings and further vivid scenes around the artful relict.


After applause for the guided information, I stroll around and see burial mounds from any time BC plus further rocks with their carvings. It is incredible that the bronze culture continued the art of carving over a period of about 1.200 years, then probably performed by several generations of artists.


While I am still fascinated by the figures, Hector ignores my rhapsodies and turns South.



Apart from a stop at the beautiful church of Kville we have no plans for the night and barnstorm across the peninsula of Bokenäs. At it’s very end lies Grundsund with a neat little harbour and – nothing else. A closed hotel / restaurant, private houses, nice atmosphere. Shall we stay here for the night?



Although not bad it does not feel like our home-for-the-night, thus we are back on the road. A few kilometres and a minute-maid ferry (for free) later we arrive at Malö, an island so small that it is hardly visible on our map. Five driving minutes after the ferry has landed we reach a small camp site, cut in two by the island’s sole asphalt road. One side is for caravans and offers electricity, two toilets & showers while the other side is just a meadow that leads to the sea.


Sure enough we know which side is ours.


The Next Morning…

Since long (ever!), Hector and I share a common hobby: stare at the sea and observe how waves or light alter the entire surrounding.


Living is Easy on Malö

Finding a jogging route that comprises more than just a few hundred meters is not easy, but the more gravel roads you try left and right, the more you learn about the size of private properties and harbour villages.


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