Sweden (12): Deep in the middle of something is unlike a central position


I stare at the map on the little screen of my smartphone. Looks like there are quite some lakes around the Müritz… Everybody tells me that the region North / West of Berlin must be oh so beautiful, but they did not warn me of the variety of lakes, rivers, more lakes and hundreds of camp sites.

Simplifying life, I let loose and follow the recommendation of friends. On my way to the Labussee, I see that the villages around offer a restaurant here and a supermarket there and decide to go back later in the afternoon. Seven kilometres later with incredibly bumpy roads culminating into the dirtiest dirt road since 3.000 km, one fact is clear: I will only shoo Hector on that route again when we leave the place for good.


Hector deep in the middle of the forest

Before the check-in is through I count five new mosquito bites. Now great, why did I substitute a wide beach by endless forests with my bike being flat and my ankle slightly damaged?! It takes a while to catch up with the frightening things (nature! mosquitos!) that turn out to be the charming elements of this place: nature, a whole lot of nature. With casual people, low sounds of paddling kayaks and chugging house boats, topped by a welcoming camping crew that supplies me with chips and wine.


Ois easy at the Labussee

On second glance, the Biber Tours camping is a nice spot to calm down. Even when the pontoon bar opens the relaxed atmosphere remains. I spend lazy hours in and around the Labussee until it is finally time to leave and head back to Munich.


Back home my holidays end in perfect harmony with the last weeks’ experience: darling of fortune that I am, I am spoiled with best of both worlds. I am free to travel on my own and never felt lonely. Upon arrival, I receive a warm welcome by my house-sitting friend and the trip fades out with some wonderful summer days in the most beautiful of cities. Isn’t life fantastic?!

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  1. Foot sole? Naughty… My ankle is fine again, trained now by spirit dancing… Just stumbled over some threshhold in Warnemünde, disabled jogging for about a week… Take care in Thailand!

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