Sweden (11): This Looks Familiar

Three weeks have passed since my stopover in Warnemünde. Blue skies with bright sun draw me back to the sea, thus it is time for a second halt around Rostock.


I stroll through the streets of Warnemünde with houses that look like Disney’s pastry cook creations and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


Warnemünde, downtown

An hour later I have my feet in the sand and exercise my starring-at-the-sea-hobby. When the cold wind beats the warming sun rays, I change to the beach bar and think about how wonderful life is, especially when being on holiday.


Imagine Life with more Beach Bars

Tomorrow I will leave the sea behind and look for a welcoming camp site around the Müritz. By now it is time to face the end of the journey: from here, all roads will take me back south, but before that I take a deep breath of salty air and let holiday feeling take over again.


The evening fades out in friendly company, showing once more that travelling on my own does not mean keeping to myself all the time. The more I travel alone, the more I get into exchange with all kinds of people – that, beside landscape and food, is what travelling the world is about.


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