The in-between: Water from all Sides

Great plans we had… posing on gentle waves in our best bikinis for fabulous pictures of the 2018 surfer girls. Lying endlessly on the beach. Renting a surf board and jump in the waves unattended by competent surf teachers. All those things were up for our last common days before Linda has to leave.

And then there was grey sky and pounding rain continued its big fall.


Coffee Break somewhere close to the lake de Biscarosse

Eventually, we hope for the best and go a bit North: Lacanau offers the most luxurious campsite of the Côte d’Argent and is reasonable close to the Bordeaux airport. Isn’t it common knowledge that relaxation is best when you have nothing to do? No surf lessons, no daily market groceries, no sunbathing… In the end, we have 1,5 calm days at “Les Grands Pins” where we float through the pools and come to a rest. At least we have a cosy couch and the cabin crew is always good for a well sorted tea selection or sweets from the local supermarket, so we get by pretty well.


“Les Grands Pins” in Lacanau-Océan

When Linda’s holidays are over, Hector claims the rain leftovers to be tears from his headlights and we get her to Bordeaux. Now, I have a full week yet to come with an incredible range of possibilities: Hundreds of kilometers of coast and beaches. “Villages bastides” in the hinterland. Culture and old stones in Bordeaux centre. And countless vineyards around me. Which one shall I choose…??

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