Finally: Bergtour / 1st Hiking 2020 / Heuberg

View from Heuberg towards Kitzstein

It does not take much in the sense of quantity to have a good time. But it takes high-quality friends!

Friendly, Mountain-Affine – Yet this Calf did not Offer to Pick Up my Backpack

My dear camping + hiking + action + good-time friend Barbara offers to take my hiking equipment in her backpack, leaving my (still injured) shoulders weightless. Of course, I strip the necessities of the tour down to an absolute minimum: water, sunscreen, lip balm, Brotzeit, a light jacket, an egg, salt (for the boiled egg), a short-sleeve shirt. Nothing fancy.

Barbara: Brave Girl

With all my former muscles being left behind some months ago, we aim for a relaxed tour: 600 m altitude, 9km (easy to extend with just one or two wrong turns) and a decent number of mountain pastures. Adding perfect weather and a peak with a picturesque cross, and here we go.

Heuberg Summit: Great to be Here

The smart part of today’s team (that would be Barbara) doubted that via ferrata or “interesting mountain challenges” of any kind would be the right thing as long as my movements count as slightly handicapped. Hence, we focus on nice paths with a bit of exposed rock around the ridge – just perfect for my longing for real mountain experience.

A Wonderfully Varied Tour

The friendly hikers we meet along the way comfirm implicitly that the old magnetism-rules are back in place. The good mood we carry with us is tells me something about sporty outdoor action and how much I had missed it.

Today’s Dream Team

Looking forward to further hikes during the summer of the strangest year! And who knows? Perhaps I will be able to carry my own backpack next time…

600m altitutde9 km3,5 hharmless (vertigo chances on the small ridge)

2 thoughts on “Finally: Bergtour / 1st Hiking 2020 / Heuberg

  1. … never change a running system 😉 or maybe… – jedenfalls an den Stellen, die das Leben noch ein wenig schöner machen! What a beautiful day…

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