Another Micro Holiday

Good Karma is back! After some back and forth, misleading advice from the Staffelsee campsite and running against torrents of tourists, Hector jumps in the very last free spot between lake and Alps. Camping Riegsee turns out to be the most charming one: ripened sanitary rooms with the right focus (clean and proper rather than chic), friendly staff and relaxed guests. Any camper crossing by is smiling a hello to Hector and me while I sit around and inhale the view towards the mountains, Zugspitze included.

I invest 18,-€ and get lake view + electricity in return, added by a well-tempered lake and a 6 km bike tour when going to meet friends for barbecue. On my way, I spend further 2,60 € on delicious calories hidden in some ice cream at Murnau (both, the ice cream and the town are a clear recommendation to tourists and inhabitants!). As the evening drops in, I am back to normal, finally fixing my disrupted world view.

Talking about World View…

There is nothing better than combining holidays and friends, and as the evening settles, the barbecue conversation drifts towards the craziness of 2020 and all the Covid-19 impacts. Coming along with different points of view, I slightly change my perspective. Just a bit of a nudge towards an unknown angle is all it takes to get me back on track of positivism. Leaving political edicts behind that may either erect or break borders and limitations, I rather focus on freedom as a mindset and all the possibilities that start in our heads long before they result in exterior action. The elements of the shifted prospect are about skaling fundamental values, harmonizing well with the last sips we get out of the wine bottle – however, a more detailed excursus would only distract from campsite pictures, so let’s get back to being here and now on a holiday mission.

Sundown over Riegsee

With all the favourable spirit, I am rewarded with a splendid sundown when cycling back to Hector. The night is a short one, as I go to bed only after the fading light has turned into black night entirely. And, of course, I get up early enough to catch the last pink rays of sunlight around 5:30 am, spotting fresh glistening snow on the distant peak of the Zugspitze.

Then the next morning…

There is time for tea, breakfast, coffee and a swim in the lake before my micro holiday comes to its end. The tourist torrents take over for the next two months, leaving no place for spontaneous trips – or so it seems… Guess Hector and me have found our summer challenge, checking out alternative spots in the upcoming weeks.

On my way out of the water and onto new destinations, ideas and action! And who knows: perhaps I even learn to do better selfies…

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