No. Yes? Perhaps! The Rising of Expectations

Three weeks ago, I had made my peace with the improbability of travel-based holidays in 2021. Days and weeks later, I am looking forward to 1.700 km with Hector, singing along to my holiday soundtrack of the year, heading West until I reach the sea.

Uncertainty remains, though. The variables are: negative PCR test before leaving. A stop-over at a friend’s place along the way. Incidence-thresholds here and in France. Surfable waves and general weather around the Île de Ré. Quarantine restrictions when returning.

Still, some time will pass before departure, and even more until I return. The main thing we have learned during the past 15 months is to cut down plans to a time frame of max. 2 days. Hence, I hope for the best while keeping my inner flexibility on guard.

What about… an island?

Exceptionally, I will not move much during my vacation. It might be more precise to call it a holiday rather than a travel. Consequently, I aim for being an island of calm and happiness on an island in the Atlantic ocean. Good books, my precious ukulele and a folded bike will make my days, hopefully added by a rented surfboard and wonderful waves.

Juggling Options

Hector already sparkles with expectation, justified by the fact that I should leave home either way: Friends plan to move into my appartment. This being set, I am positive that not before long, Hector will turn towards the coast.

Until then, I am counting down the days in anticipation.

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