Shoe Test Hike: Wildbichler-Alm

While most of my hiking companions hop up and down with chamois-like lightness, I feel like a  snail with slow, steady movements – especially during uphill passages. Given my present youth and fitness, only one reason seems logic enough: my hiking-trekking Himalaya-proved boots are way too heavy.

Starting easy enough

Now here I go, if not: float, with brand-new hiking shoes of the light kind. Remembering that it took about 6 months in 2017 to adapt mountain boots to my feet (hurtful experience, umpteen plasters and wounded toes), I make the best out of instable weather and the prealps around Tegernsee. I always wondered why blue tours are, among red (mid-level) and black ones (difficult / interesting), presented in common outdoor books. Today, I take advantage of it when stepping in for a promenade with modest 268m altitude difference and moderate gradient.

Romantic Waterfalls along the Way

Starting at Enterrottach towards Moni-Alm, we are rewarded with unpredicted sun and t-shirt temperatures. No idea why everybody complains about the rainy, cold May?! If not for the waterfalls along the way, we would not have seen vertical drops at all.

Rechtzeitig vor’m Urlaub: Köpper üben!

All it takes for easy hiking promenades is a tempting destination and good company. This being set, the Wildbichler-Alm (close to Moni Alm) is just perfect with offered food, cake and coffee plus improvised benches at the chairlift station. The sun is smiling and so are we during our comfortable rest.

Hiking the Alps
Gumpen = kitschige Idylle, aber eben auch schön

Two hours later, I can confess that a light-blue tour does not hurt. Not even my feet. It is a delicate way to spend a spring afternoon, even more as further hikes will certainly follow.

268m altitude difference6 km2 hvery harmless

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