La Couarde-sur-Mer – France 2021, Part 10

Far from being spectacular, La Couarde sur Mer is charming and an excellent base for my stay on Île de Ré.

In the centre of Downtown

The tiny center consists of a handful of shops, a church and the place des voisins sympas = square of pleasant neighbours. The square counts a carousel, a café and a salon de thé called “Z’adore”.

Just in case that dark clouds approach when strolling through the alleys (more precise: the one alley with shops, ice cream and food options), the best place to end up is the salon de thé.

Raindrops keep Falling on my Head…

Beside tea and coffee, they offer a variety of cakes and tartlets and cup cakes and further patisserie in the most delicious way. And, best of all: About half of the offered fancy cakes are gluten-free!

Life could be worse

Some coffees and cupcakes later, the heavy showers have passed by and I take a look at the beach, the weather and the entire situation.

Looking Left…

Looking south-east: not convincing.

…Looking Right!

The weather in north-western direction is promising enough for another bike tour, deepening the look and feel of the island on my way to Loix.

Loix, Harbour

In former times, Loix has been an individual island. Nowadays, it is part of the Île de Ré. This afternoon, it has lost a part of its charm when low tide took away the blue sea.

A bit further along the way, some of the maritime feeling remains. Still, Loix is another refuge for those seeking calm and solitude. I skip my intention to look for the perfect ice cream shop and find my way back to La Couarde and Hector / Camping Remondeau.

Loix and the in-between: sea/land, sweet/salty, touristic/quiet

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