Another Point of View: Rivedoux – France 2021, Part 11

Under the Trees, right behind the Beach, Hector is Part of the Scene

It is unusual for Hector to stay in one place for such a long time. Today, we move on and settle down in Rivedoux, the village right at the beginning of the island. Le Pont = the bridge is always in sight.

My wonderful van yearns for the beach, and even though our campsite is located on the northern side of the island, we are pretty close. Before I soak in the endless view from Hector’s perspective, I take a look at Rivedoux downtown. It consists of a few hundred meters of a promenade at the shore, with a part of it reserved for the “Aloha Festival”.

Aloha – for real

A real festival! With stands and merchandise and people dancing on stage (or: in front of the stage), with masked spectators and live music. Haven’t seen such a thing in years!

Later on, I fight the strong wind, making my way to Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, looking for the fantastic restaurant my sister detected a couple of years ago. Not sure if we have talked about the same Sainte-Marie: fact is, the village is deserted. Around the church: parked cars, no trace of their passengers. The streets: empty. Further streets: empty. Few, solitude shops: closed down, either for today or for good.


At least I have a bit of movement and get rewarded with a fantastic stormy hairdo. Back in Rivedoux (looking vivid and alive, compared to the other spot), I talk the waitress of my restaurant of choice into a glass of wine on the terrace and look for the sea. Gone for the time being…


Thanks to the wind, Hector’s lounge sofa is the place to be for the chillout-evening. Lucky me that I have such a view right out of my living room!


With sundown, it becomes more spectacular. And it looks so much more attractive and warm when witnessed from Hector’s couch, well parked on the island’s shore.


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