Allgäu, June 2017

Here comes the next peak! At least, that was the plan. 1st plan had been the Blaueisgletscher, but we had to skip that due to constant rain from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon in Berchtesgadener Land. 2nd plan was the Rubihorn in Oberstdorf: positive weather forecast, 1957 meters, nice camp site (rubi camp).


Shiny happy Hector, now with all make up (stickers) removed

Arriving Saturday evening, we prepared everything for an early-bird start of the Sunday mountain tour. Around 5:10 am, an unforeseen monster rain cloud made its way from the South over the Alps and arrived just in time to laugh at us and our silly plans.


Being directly below the unforeseen monster rain cloud

Lucky us that with Hector’s instinct for the sun + competent research performed by the passenger’s seat, we had a nice hiking tour at last (thanks R.!). With about 300 meters of altitude difference, it only came close to our planned effort, but guess what: we made it up to the peak! To the Auerberg peak and its “closed due to renovation” church on the mountain top and with a wonderful view on the alps (if not for the low clouds in between).


Peaks are a bit different in the Allgäu

In total, we had sun, we were hiking and I worked on the perfect harmony of feet + trekking shoes – what else can you expect from a cloudy weekend?!

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